A Dog Republic and RAM Radioartemobile

A Dog Republic was initiated by artists Jean- Baptiste Decavèle (°1961), Nico Dockx (°1974), Helena Sidiropoulos (°1979), architect Yona Friedman (°1923) and musician Krist Torfs (°1980) in 2011. After many conversations in Paris and Antwerp on the subject of constituting their very own republic, they teamed up with some other dogs for a series of ‘demonstrations’ at a.o. Ludlow38 in New York, Esther Donatz Gallery in Munich and the 55th Venice Biennale. Together with graphic designer Thomas Mayfried, they are working on a series of artist books.

Founded by Mario Pieroni and Dora Stiefelmeier in 2003, RAM Radioartemobile is a platform for contemporary art in Rome and is dedicated to sound research and exhibitive activity aimed at the creation of an international network. RAM sets up exhibitions and projects in collaboration with both public and private spaces all over the world, juxtaposing visual and sound art.

Let’s Talk Peace!

16 mm film, multi-channel sound installation
Commissioned and produced by CONTOUR 7

Through a variety of artistic media, A Dog Republic presents ‘demonstrations’ that explore the idea of establishing an alternative modality of working in a new republic of dogs and dog sympathizers. The participative installation presented by A Dog Republic in collaboration with RAM Radioartemobile at CONTOUR 7 invites its visitors to record their own barking discussions through an online application. The call to overcome the gap between humans and animals, although clearly playful and provocative, can nevertheless be seen as a critical gesture. This critical dimension is also explored in the two works selected by A Dog Republic for this exhibition, thus inviting some dog friends to their republic. Il Monumento al Borghese Coraggioso (1971) by Jannis Kounellis and Utopia / The Kingdoms of Elgaland- Vargaland (2003) by Carl Michael von Hausswolff and Leif Elggren both ironically reflect on the possibility of social change and new imaginary countries.


A Dog Republic is looking for barking, howling and growling... human beings!

They gladly invite you to let the inner dog in yourself off the leash so as to provide the content for the ‘barking conversation‘ in their work Let‘s Talk Peace! at CONTOUR 7. Record your most engaging, most pathetic or savagest barking, howling and growling, click on ‘send’ and become part of this rabid work of art. Woof woof!

Record your bark at www.contour7.be/barking