AaBbPp is the Vilnius based collective founded by Lithuanian artists Gintaras Didžiapetris (°1985) and Elena Narbutaité (°1984) in 2015. AaBbPp pursues a collaborative approach to art-making, alternative to the current neo-liberal economic structures. The collective spans a wide range of media, such as video, print, photography and sculpture. They investigate questions of art and perception, history and the accessibility of the past, and the relationship between fact and fiction.

Three Official Hats

monk hood, leaf hood, ripped hood
Commissioned and produced by CONTOUR 7

AaBbPp is a collaborative project concentrating on headwear as the point of departure. AaBbPp presents their hats as hybrids between ready to wear and prototype, similarly, their online presence and shop acts as both a voice and commercial enterprise. For CONTOUR 7, AaBbPp has produced three Official Hats inspired by imperial China and team wear, and a one-and-ahalf- hour video mix tape which reshapes footage from the British stop motion animation series Magic Roundabout (1963) into an Acid Round About.