Gilad Ratman

Israeli artist Gilad Ratman (°1975) lives and works in Tel Aviv. His videos and installations search for ways to deal with aspects of human collective behavior. Creating complex systems and pushing narrative to its borders, Ratman investigates the possibilities of the cinematic apparatus, subverting causality, and leaving space where the poetic and the pathetic can coexist.


multi-channel video installation, sound, 4′ 00″
Coproduced by CONTOUR 7

Gilad Ratman’s multiscreen installation Swarm transports us into a strangely unreal world populated by small drones (remotely operated electronic devices) flying haphazardly around Styrofoam constructions. Drones not only resemble insects, but are modeled on their mechanics and behaviour. They sometimes appear to behave as a swarm. Without any central decision making, members of a swarm act in a similar way, thus creating a self-organizing system. Even when there is no visible hierarchy, they communicate and connect, which allows them to act together. The installation evokes an ambiguous human world, where cooperation fluidly transforms into competition.