Gilberto Zorio

Italian artist Gilberto Zorio (°1944) is associated with the Arte Povera movement in Italy at the end of the sixties: a radical artistic stance of a group of artists towards the established values and institutions of the time, including government, industry and popular culture. In his work Zorio combines language and alchemy. His interest in the concept of ‘energy’ led him to explore transformative natural phenomena, such as evaporation or oxidation. His sculptures, paintings and performances are often regarded as metaphors for revolutionary human activity and creativity.

​È Utopia, La Realtà, È Rivelazione

phosphorescent varnish, fluorescent letters, iron, timer, halogen, lamp, Wood’s lamp

Gilberto Zorio proposes a singular perspective on the question of utopia. The installation, consisting of partly fluorescent letters on a metal bar lit by two different types of lights, is reminiscent of the visual minimalist characteristic of Arte Povera. While the three terms ‘utopia’, ‘reality’ and ‘revelation’ are continuously lit by spot lights, halogen lights are turned on and off at regular intervals, revealing a fluorescent inscription: ‘it’s utopia, reality is revelation’. It is the reality, taken in its richness and simplicity, which may reveal itself as the source of epiphany, or even the utopia. Here, we find the most affirmative voice in the whole exhibition. It suggests that sometimes the answers should be sought in the ordinary and the mundane, because ultimately that is where everything begins and ends.